Overview and Main Level Index

The Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Intervention (TACSEI) and the Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) have been working together to develop this product for preschool teachers to help them implement integrated practices for promoting children's social competence AND early literacy skills. Learn more.

This product provides teachers with illustrations and tools for the implementation of these practices. It is our hope that by bringing together all of these practices and strategies in a bank of ideas for implementation, teachers can more easily use the Pyramid Model and CELL practices in their classrooms.

Classroom practices for supporting young children’s social emotional, language, and early literacy development are organized in four levels. The first level describes practices related to establishing responsive relationships with children and their families (level one) and the second level includes practices related to providing supportive classroom environments including activities and routines (level two). The third level includes practices related to the provision of planned learning opportunities and targeted interventions for children with special needs (level three) and the fourth level includes practices related to the provision of individualized interventions to children with more intensive support needs (level four).
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Level 2 Matrix - Providing Supportive Environments

Level 4 Matrix - Providing Individualized Interventions to Children with more Intensive Support Needs
Level 1 Matrix - Responsive Relationships

Level 3 Matrix - Providing Targeted Interventions for Children with Support Needs