Home-Based Literacy-Rich Environments

Self-Guided Module:
Literacy-Rich Environments

The Self-Guided Learning Module for Literacy-Rich Environments is designed to be used as a self-study in which you can learn at your own pace. This module focuses on providing a variety of accessible and interesting literacy-rich materials that encourage a child’s exploration of literacy.
self guided module

Making Room for Literacy video*

Describes how to create a literacy-rich home environment.
Making Room for Literacy
Watch Online (Length - 5:40)

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Examples of Home Based Literacy Materials

This is a list of literacy materials that may be found in the home, but not a required list of items. Many of the materials listed are free or low in cost. The expectation is that this list will only be used by the practitioner to help determine the literacy materials a family may already have available. It is NOT to be used as a checklist or shopping list.
Examples of Classroom Literacy Materials<

Literacy-Rich Environments Checklist

This checklist can be used with or by parents and practitioners to provide a literacy-rich environment to promote opportunities for everyday literacy learning activities.
Literacy-Rich Environments Checklist

Additional Practices:
Literacy-Rich Environments

These additional practices provide the teacher with more opportunity to practice, evaluate and reflect about literacy-rich environments. The intent is to take these practices into the classroom to provide the practitioner with an authentic, hands-on experience utilizing the CELL components.
Additional Practices: Literacy-Rich Environments
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