Spanish Practice Guides for use with Parents

Parents who speak Spanish may use these products to provide their infants, toddlers, or preschoolers with fun and exciting literacy learning experiences. Practitioners working with parents who speak Spanish may also find these helpful.
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Literacy Learning Experiences:
Un mundo de palabras - World of Words
De paseo - Out and About

Stories and Listening:
La caricia perfecta - The Right Touch
El primer libro de ABC del bebé Baby's First ABC Book

Scribbling and Drawing:
Garabatear...Garabatear - Scribble Scribble

Rhymes and Sound Awareness:
Rimas infantiles y juegos con las manos - Fingerplays & Rhymes for Little Ones
Más juegos con los dedos de las manos y los pies para los bebés - More Infant Fingerplays

Vocalizing and Listening
Babble On - Balbucear
Ver y escuchar - Sights and Sounds
¡Vamos a comer! - Feeding Frenzy!

Gestures and Signing
¡Vamos a hacerlo juntos! - Let's Do It Together


Literacy Learning Experiences:
Mi propio libro - A Book of One’s Own
Actúa naturalmente - Act Natural

Symbols and Letters:
¿Cuál es tu letra? - What’s Your Letter

Storytelling and Listening:
Un libro por su tapa - A Book By Its Cover

Scribbling and Drawing;
El arte de escribir - Art of Writing
¡A escribir sobre...! - Get Write on It

Rhymes and Sound Awareness
Juguemos con los sonidos - Fun and Games with Sounds

Talking and Listening
¡Escuchemos con atención! - Listen Up!

Gestures and Signing
¿Cuál es la seña? - Sign Me Up!


Literacy Learning Experiences:
La aventura en una caja - Adventure in a Box
Conectado para leer - Wired To Read

Letters & Spelling:
Abecedarios divertidos - Alpha Fun

Reading and Storytelling:
Leamos juntos - Read With Me
La palabra es...libro - Book Is the Word

Drawing & Writing:
Me encanta “escribir" - Write Right

Rhymes and Sound Awareness
M de mamá - A Is for Apple

Talking and Listening
Juegos de palabras divertidas - Wacky Word Games

¡Cantemos con los deditos! - Sign Song